Doo Doo Doo, Lookin’ out My Back Door

When traveling to Santorini, were to stay is one of the biggest decisions to make.  I researched Fira and Oia, and we decided that Oia’s reputation for being quiet and having less of a party scene fit our plans best.

Once the village was settled, I began an extensive search for a place.  The Interwebz is full of places with fabulous reviews.  There are some pretty incredible resorts.  Their websites feature picturesque images of beautifully tan women in white dresses and stylish hats staring sensually into the sunset…and those high class resorts will dig deep into you pocketbook.  Since $700 per night was not in my price range, I began to narrow down my search pretty quickly.  Oia boasts the highest price tags on the island in all areas, and since the green stuff doesn’t grow on trees, why not make the most of it?

Argo Suites is a gem.  Ion, the ground attendant, is like having a personal concierge.  Whether it’s extra coffee pods you need, or you’re lost in the winding streets of Oia late at night and can’t find your way back home (who, me?), Ion is your man.  Send him a quick text and he’ll coming running.  He.Is.Fabulous.

Argo has three suites – Jason, Atalanta, and Orpheus,and each has a direct view of the sea.  They are located on the caldera in the middle of everything.  The market is a five minute walk (or less), the shops are up two flights of stairs, and the coveted sunset view is a mere 500 yards from the door, and the included sunrise photos were taken right outside our back door.  Absolutely incredible.

We stayed in Jason Suite, which is a magnificent townhouse-style suite with a living area, kitchenette, and uncovered patio upstairs, and bedroom, dressing room, two bathrooms, and covered private patio with Jacuzzi downstairs.  We visited in October, and our room was less than half the cost of most other places that boasted the same amenities, plus we had Ion.  The cost included a daily  breakfast of eggs, fruit, and assorted pastries, and transport to and from the airport, daily cleaning, and – get this – Ion did my laundry for me!  Fabulous.  These photos were taken from our patio.  Everything about Argo Suites was perfectly relaxing, and most days we didn’t even feel  the need to leave our room.

So, for a great place to stay in Oia, check out Argo Suites.  Ion will reply to your email within minutes and fix you up with the best spot in town.  You won’t be sorry.


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